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Owe Back Child Support / Arrears / AFDC, Plus Interest?

Driver's License Suspended?   Tax Refunds Intercepted?

Wages Being Garnished?   Facing Criminal Prosecution?

Child Support Enforcement?   Passport Suspended?

Loss of Business License?    Supporting Your Second Family?

Are you having trouble paying your child support? Are you behind because its too high?  Are your child support payments making it difficult to support your new family? Is the Child Support Enforcement after you for back child support or AFDC welfare repayments? Have your wages been garnished? Has your driver’s license or passport been suspended? Is the caseworker giving you the run-around? Has a warrant been issued for your arrest? Your nightmare is over!  We can and will help you.

We are an organization dedicated to helping fathers receive reasonable child support orders based upon their current income and their necessary expenses to live. We fight for your rights!

Our staff is experienced with the court system and family law. We can help you to reduce unjust child support orders, and we will assist you if your Ex-wife/Ex-girlfriend is seeking an unreasonable increase in your current child support payments.

We have the same child support computer program that the judge uses.   We can approximate the actual amount of child support you will be obligated to pay before you even step into court.

Our offices deal directly with the Child Support Enforcement, in all states, and we can assist you in all areas of their enforcement, including back child support. We can help you to obtain an audit of your account to determine the actual amount due, arrange a reasonable repayment plan or negotiate a settlement on the arrears.

We can also reduce wage garnishments, assist you in keeping your driver's or business license, or obtain a release of your driver’s license if it has already been suspended.

Remember, CHILD SUPPORT ENFORCEMENT is the government’s collection agency, you need to address the problem, your name is in their computer.

We at Fathers Child Support Helpline urge you to contact us today.

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